Informationen über die Evangelische Akademie Baden Quelle: Johannes B. Hewel, Ralf Stieber
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Evangelischen Akademie Baden

Evangelische Akademie Baden
Blumenstr. 1-7
76133 Karlsruhe
Tel. (0721) 9175-363
Fax (0721) 9175-25363
E-Mail: akademie[at]ekiba[dot]de


The Protestant Academy Baden

The Protestant Academy Baden is an institution integrated in the Evanglical Church of Badenia, one of the regional churches of the Evangelical Church in Germany (EKD).

The Protestant Academy Baden was founded in 1947. The conference center wants to be a center of dialogue where people can explore issues (like the issues of justice, ecology, ecumenics and development) and experience their potential through open discussion about a whole variety of themes.

The Protestant Academy Baden emphasis its work on the discussion about the relationship between the christian faith and questions of modern culture and society, of people in industry and daily life. The Protestant Academy Baden is financed with public taxes and church rates, by conference fees and donations, e.g. given by the Friends of the Protestant Academy Baden (in German).

The 17 Protestant Academies work together in the Association of Protestant Academies in Germany (EAD). They cooperate with Ecumenical Association of Academies and Laity Centres in Europe.

The Protestant Academy Baden wants to bring together people out of different groups of our modern society. The different target groups of the conferences are invited corresponding to the work emphases. The Protestant Academy Baden offers especially conferences to themes in the field of ecology and creation, spirituality and meditation, church and politics, medicine, theology and culture, recreation and tourism, agriculture and science, judeo-christian dialogue, social and economic politics. Most conferences can be attended by all everybody who is interested. Other seminars are for special target groups like nurses, teachers or parish members.

The Protestant Academy Baden organizes conferences, colloquia, symposia and seminars. Through these media, it establishes a dialogue between people with different lifestyles, different backgrounds and different fields of activity. The academy wants to act as a meeting point for people and offers a platform for personal encounter, exchange of information, for the discussion of controversial views, and for joint thinking and working.

Bigger conferences are published in the book series "Herrenalber Forum" and "Herrenalber Protokolle". New books of the Protestant Academy Baden published in the last months you find under publications.

The conference center of the Protestant Academy Baden is beautifully situated in the spa Bad Herrenalb (Black Forest region). It is let to other organizers as well.